In this empowering 6-week series, significantly reduce stressful thoughts and create more presence and peace in your daily life through yoga, meditation, and mindfulness practices. Join other parents experiencing this same challenging phase of life as yourself, as you develop positive techniques that will change your mindset, your relationship with yourself, your partner, and your child / children. Release ineffective thinking from your daily life, calm your mind, and take control of your thoughts and emotions through this powerful Mindfulness Course. Now is your opportunity to reconnect with yourself and take an opportunity from the daily grind of doing to simply BEing. 

Wednesday, 2/05 - 3/18

no class 2/26

5:30 - 7:30 pm

Early-Bird Registration by 2/03: $199

Registration: $220


Mindfulness Teacher Alisha Smith at Free Spirit Yoga + Fitness + Play

Alisha is a wife and mother of two boys. She is a Mindfulness Coach, Children and Parents Mindfulness Teacher, and Meditation Teacher. She completed her Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) training through the UC San Diego, holds a BS in Social Work, a Masters in Business Administration and is a certified Yoga Instructor and Personal Trainer. Alisha’s superpower lies in her ability to easily teach others how to create more presence and peace in their day-to-day experiences. 


“When my boys were 1 and 4 years old I had never felt so exhausted in my life. I was giving continuously and didn’t realize I needed some type of self-care. I madly love my children, but I felt really lost, drained, and guilty for wanting my own space. With my husband's support, I signed up for a Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Course– it was my saving grace and favorite night of the week. The peace and quiet along with the simple life-changing Mindfulness Practices I learned, calmed my mind and gave me the space I desperately needed to simply be with myself. I transformed from feeling irritable and frustrated to being at peace regardless of what was happening around me. It was such a relief! After taking the course, I knew I had to share these practices with other parents.